Early Start Denver Model in Ireland

I am a Speech & Language Therapist and a researcher. I came across the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) many years ago and my aim was to bring this early intervention to Ireland. In June 2015 I organised the first ever training in the Early Start Denver Model in Ireland. Over 70 people attended for the introductory level in Cork, 22 professionals completed the advanced levels in Killarney and Limerick, and to date 4 professionals in Ireland achieved full certification in ESDM. I was the first person in Ireland to become certified in ESDM. Although the certification process was hard, it was a fantastic experience: being able to see and measure children' progress. 

Over the last few years myself and my colleagues at Kerry SLT Clinic have been working according to ESDM principles and we are seeing great results. But we would like to see more!

I am now working towards certification in Parents Delivered ESDM (P-ESDM) under supervision of Dr. Vismara in California. We strive to make a difference to young children with autism/ presenting with red flags for autism in Ireland. The key is to start early. If you are concerned about your child please do not wait, but seek professional opinion. 

For any updates on the ESDM and services we provide please like us in Facebook (Kerry Speech & Language Therapy Clinic) or visit www.kerryslt.com

Best wishes

Dr. Dominika Lisiecka, PhD, MSc.
Senior Speech & Language Therapist
Clinical Director of Kerry SLT Clinic